Lunch: Tomato, Olive and Herb Couscous with Olives and Hummous


Easy lunch today! Last night Mr JN made stuffed roast peppers, and the couscous is leftover filling, topped with some olives and some shop bought hummous (Coop). Hummous is generally fine for vegans, but do take care with some of the flavoured ones as some contain honey, shellac and other ‘hidden’ ingredients.

To make the couscous: follow the instructions on a pack of plain couscous to cook. Once cooked, add some chopped tomatoes, cucumber, olives, sundried tomatoes and parsley. Make a dressing by blending together some olive oil, lemon juice, chopped garlic and a whole pack of basil. Mix into the couscous. Season to taste.

If you want to make stuffed peppers, chop some peppers (we used red, but whatever colour takes your fancy) in half, rub with olive oil, and roast for 15-20 minutes, until starting to blacken and soften. Remove from the oven and spoon in the couscous. I think Mr JN crumbled some feta cheese into his for extra flavour.

This is a great recipe for making extra for weekday lunches!


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