Hoi Sin Shredded Mock Duck Wraps


Now here’s a recipe which will make even the most ardent carnivore happy. Wanting to use up the leftover hoi sin sauce from last night’s stir fry, I had the wonderful – if I do say so myself – idea of making crispy shredded duck wraps. With mock duck.

Mock duck – also known as seitan – is a totally vegan gluten-based food commonly used as a meat substitute due to its duck-like consistency. It comes in a tin, and can be bought from asian supermarkets, and despite not being the most visually appealing food ever, it can be delicious when properly prepared. I can sometimes find it a little sweet, but mixed with the sweetness of hoi sin sauce, it’s perfect.

Making these wraps is ever so simple, and they can be ready in about fifteen minutes. Take the mock duck from the tin, and give it a little squeeze to drain any excess water. Pull the chunks into small strips – much like real shredded duck – and put onto a lightly greased baking tray. Sprinkle with a little chinese five spice (if you have it), and some salt, and then pop into the oven for about fifteen minutes until crispy. Mix with hoi sin sauce, and then serve on warm wraps with some shredded cucumber and spring onions.

So simple, and so tasty.


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