Spring Greens with Cashew and Chilli


This week’s vegetable box contained a couple of spring greens. I toyed with the idea of making a soup, but following Mr JN’s reaction to seeing the vegetable (something along the lines of ‘ew, cabbage’), I realised I probably needed to make something slightly more exciting if he was going to actually eat it.

After a bit of recipe searching, I finally found this recipe for chilli peanut spring greens from Abel and Cole. We had some cashews already, so the peanuts were substituted for cashews (everyone prefers cashews anyway – right?), and I totally forgot the lemon juice too. The greens were served with new potatoes and spring onions crushed with olive oil, and a veg box tomato on the side 🙂

Despite not being the prettiest dish out there, it was extremely tasty – and high in calcium and protein – bonus!


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