Asparagus Risotto


I have always been a real risotto fiend. Pre-vegan days we would eat it at least once or twice per week, and my ‘signature dish’ was smoked salmon, lemon and mascarpone risotto. When I decided to become vegan, risotto was one of the dishes I was really worried about losing – how could you possibly make a nice risotto without lashings of butter, parmesan or mascarpone?

One night I was really craving the comforting taste of a nice risotto. I set about researching whether a vegan one would in fact be feasible – and edible – and came across this blog post. What a find! This is absolutely delicious. The trick is blending the asparagus into the stock which you then use to cook the rice. This means the flavour is absorbed and blandness is prevented. And it’s dead easy!

If I didn’t know otherwise, I would really have thought this dish had parmesan in. I have no idea how it manages to taste that way – but it does. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.