Veggie Thai Red Curry


Coconut milk is a great way of making creamy, comforting vegan food. One of my staple meals is a thai red or green curry – usually utilising whatever I have in the house. Any mix of vegetables will do here – with or without onion – or you can even make it with chickpeas, beans or other pulses.

While I sometimes make my own pastes, tonight it was a rushed effort, so I used a pre-made curry paste by Thai Taste. Always be careful when buying pre-made Thai pastes as many will have shrimp paste or fish sauce in.

For tonight’s curry, I fried half an onion (sliced) with some crushed garlic. When soft, I added one thinly sliced yellow courgette, and one thinly sliced carrot, and fried for another five minutes or so. Next, approx two dessertspoons of red curry paste were added to the mix, and fried for another couple of minutes until fragrant. Add one tin of coconut milk, two roughly chopped tomatoes and extra chilli to taste. Reduce this down for about 20 minutes while you cook your rice. Towards the end I added some chopped greens, which added nicely to the look of the dish. Check for seasoning, and serve.


Courgette, Chilli, Mint and Garlic Soup


Here’s a lovely summer soup, which I think would also be delicious served cold (I will try that next time!). Best of all, it’s cheap as chips – as soups tend to be. I must start making them more often.

To make this soup, slice one onion, and fry in some olive oil until soft. Add two crushed cloves of garlic and some chopped chilli (I used one green and one red, but just use as many as you like to achieve the desired hotness), and fry for another couple of minutes. Add the sliced courgettes, and then cover with vegetable stock.

Simmer until the courgettes are soft, and then whizz with a stick blender. Season to taste. At this point I added the juice of one lime, because I felt it needed a certain tartness. Add one bunch of fresh mint – chopped, two more crushed garlic cloves, and some more chopped chilli – if you desire. Heat through, and serve with a dash of olive oil.